Chemical Peels Course

Chemical Peels are and will continue to be the gold standard for non-invasive skin rejuvenation and exfoliation therapy. National Laser Institute’s expert instructors will teach you a variety of advanced, clinical methods for laser enhancement peels, combination peels and layering techniques with low-high medical-grade solutions, before supervising hands-on learning in our luxury medical spa.

Chemical peels provide great non-invasive skin exfoliation and skin rejuvenation results that re-texture, smooth and brighten the skin. Rough or dry patches can be resurfaced, uneven pigmentation spots can be reduced and the look of fine lines and wrinkles can be improved as cell turnover is increased and damaged skin cells are shed. Various concentrations  and combinations also prove to be effective for the improvement of mild acne.

The chemical peels course is more advanced at National Laser Institute than a typical cosmetology school. Students will learn how to mix bleaching agents to correct hyper-pigmentation, what chemical peels to use depending upon the patient’s skin goals, and how to layer and differentiate the correct peel type to enhance a number of laser and light-based skin treatments.

For more information about chemical peel courses at National Laser Institute, please call admissions at 855-637-4530.

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