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imageBackground/IntroductionWith our previous technique called triangular with ala nasi (TAN) repair, we combined the superiorities of these 2 popular techniques by approaching the skin, as in Tennison-Randall, and the muscle and nose, as in Millard. Although good results have been obtained in most patients, cleft lip nose (CLN) deformity could not entirely be corrected particularly in serious cleft patients. Therefore, we revised the technique, called the TAN II repair, by adding some nasal maneuvers including the bivectoral suspension sutures, alar buckling resection, and alar web resection.
MethodsForty-two consecutive patients (26 male and 16 female) with unilateral cleft lips were operated on using the TAN II technique in the last 5 years. The mean age at repair was 11.95 months (range, 3 to 120). The postoperative outcomes were assessed subjectively by Williams test and objectively by Lindsay-Farkas method.
ResultsThe mean follow-up time was 16.3 months. No early complication involving hematoma, infection, wound dehiscence, or partial or total flap loss was encountered. The recoveries of 92.42% and 88.89% on average, when compared with the noncleft side, were obtained postoperatively.
ConclusionsWith these modifications, the TAN II technique was able to correct the severe unilateral CLN deformities. We obtained good to excellent outcomes in late postoperative follow-up by means of a long-term suspension effect.

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