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imageObjectivesThe authors aimed to report 5 cases of patients with penile lipogranuloma–induced full necrosis of penile skin, wherein they obtained good results from simultaneous implementation of Y-V incision to prevent the shortening of penile length together with bipedicular scrotal flap.
MethodsThe full excision of penile lipogranuloma and a bipedicled scrotal flap was performed. After finishing the scrotal flap, for extension in length, the authors performed the inverted V incision on the upper skin of followed by partial resection of suspensory ligament and sutured up to subcutaneous tissue in the inverted Y shape, extending the dorsal portion skin toward the penis.
ResultsThere was no shortening in length of the penis or reduction in girth and the resulting penis had no difference to normal skin of penis, with almost no contraction of the scrotum, and all patients were satisfied with the visual postoperative shape of the penis.
ConclusionsThe authors had performed a complete excision of paraffinoma in patients with penile paraffinoma with concurrent skin necrosis and obtained good outcomes of preventing the shortening of penile length by performing a bipedicled scrotal flap with Y-V incision using the scrotal skin.

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