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Breast ptosis is an inevitable consequence of gravity and time. Every breast tends to become ptotic in different shapes and degrees. Many surgical techniques were described to solve this problematic issue. The aim of this article is to describe a mastopexy technique used for grades 1 to 2 ptosis, “tuck-in” mastopexy technique.
Keyhole pattern was used for skin markings. All the planned skin excision areas were de-epithelialized. Breast mound was elevated as a 1-piece flap with extensive subglandular dissection. Elevated breast flap was reshaped and repositioned. Skin incisions were sutured in 2 layers.
Seventeen patients were operated on with this technique; average follow-up time was 10.1 months. No major complications were seen. The results were pleasing for both the patients and the surgeon.
The “tuck-in” mastopexy technique uses breast mound as 1-piece flap, which has great vascularity from medial, superior, and lateral pedicles. Large areas of de-epithelialization facilitate reshaping and repositioning. It permits simultaneous or secondary breast augmentation with silicone gel implants. This easy-to-do technique has low complication rates and a short learning period.

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