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imageSoft-tissue reconstruction in the knee area needs thin, pliable, and tough skin. The availability of local soft tissue, which would meet the requirements best, is limited. This study is a retrospective analysis of our clinical experience with the superior lateral genicular artery (SLGA) flap for soft-tissue reconstruction around the knee, and a review of the relevant literature. Between 2000 and 2002, 6 SLGA flaps were elevated for reconstruction of defects around the knee in our institution. Indications for the SLGA flap were chronic ulcers after bursectomy of the prepatellar bursa, a pressure ulcer over the patella, and a defect after resection of a malignant fibrous histiocytoma on the anterolateral aspect of the distal thigh. There was no flap loss in any of our 6 patients. Three patients had partial tissue loss at the distal tip of the flap. Two of the 3 resulting wounds were effectively covered with split skin graft, the third one eventually healed with wound care. Primary donor site closure was possible in all cases. There were no late complications, either in the flap area or in the donor site region. We conclude that the SLGA flap is a good option for defect coverage around the knee, because of its fast and easy harvest and the very good aesthetic results.

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