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imageSeveral approaches to the management of subcondylar fractures have been used, including the submandibular approach, the preauricular approach, and the retromandibular approach. Although they provide excellent access to repair fractures of body, ramus, and condyle, we have found it difficult to manage subcondylar fractures using either of these approaches. We describe a novel approach for subcondylar fractures that provides direct access to the fracture site. A total of 17 consecutive patients underwent open reduction and internal fixation of their subcondylar fractures using this technique. The incision line is located just anterior and posterior to the ear lobe, and is comprised of lower part preauricular and upper retroauricular incisions. Intraoperatively, the method applied shortened the time necessary for and simplified the procedure of reduction and osteosynthesis. The postoperative course was uneventful in most patients. Radiologic follow-up revealed correct reduction and fixation in all the cases. There were no occlusal disturbances, no trismus, no lateral deviations of the mandible, and no nerve lesions. Our findings indicate that the short perilobe approach is an easy and safe technique for displaced subcondylar fractures.

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