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imageExtensor tendon injuries are classified as per the zone of injury. Zone 1 injuries disrupt the lateral bands with resultant inability to extend the distal interphalangeal joint. Open Zone 1 injuries have many well-described treatment options. To date, none of these have been compared directly. Our aim was to compare the benefit of additional Kirschner-wire fixation with suture repair and splinting of open Zone 1 extensor tendon injuries. We performed a retrospective cohort analysis comparing 2 different surgical procedures, “Suture and Splint” versus “Suture, Splint, and Kirschner wire.” The 2 outcomes measured were final range of movement and lag. We had a total of 50 patients. There was no difference in range of motion and the mean length of splint time between the 2 groups. There was increased incidence of lag associated with Kirschner-wire group.

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