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imageMastopexy with augmentation is not an uncommon procedure in breast surgery. This combined procedure has been reported to result high rate of recurrent ptosis by several recent studies. The goal of this study is to introduce a novel technique that addresses the importance of 2 variables—breast position and inframammary fold location via autologous dermal graft, for an improved end results in augmentation mastopexy.
Twenty-one patients operated over a period of 2 years from August 2005 through August 2007 were included in the study. The augmentation was performed first followed by adjusting the skin envelope and breast parenchyma to contour around the new breast volume. Augmentation/mastopexy with autologous dermal graft interpositioning, presented in this article, is a novel technique and the technique is described in detail.
There were no major vital complications like death, major flap, or nipple necrosis. The most common complications seen were: inadequate circumvertical skin incision, inadequate transposition of nipple-areolar complex, overprojection of areola, and minor complications such as suture abscess. All complications were revised under local anesthesia. No recurrent ptosis was seen in any of the patients. Mean follow-up was 20.6 months (range, 14–36 months).
Simultaneous augmentation mastopexy with autologous dermal graft interpositioning is a safe procedure. The dermal graft is easy to harvest. It is cost-effective. This technique ensures an improved breast appearance via securing the breast position and delineating the inframammary location. The very early results are promising but long-term results needed to be evaluated.

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