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imageBackground: Supermicrosurgical lymphaticovenular anastomosis (LVA) is becoming a treatment option for progressive lymphedema. Various types of LVA such as end-to-end, end-to-side, side-to-end, and side-to-side are performed to improve the treatment efficacy.
Methods: We applied sequential anastomosis for LVA surgery, in which 2 lymphatic vessels were anastomosed to 1 venule using side-to-side and side-to-end anastomoses. Six lower extremity lymphedema (LEL) patients who underwent sequential anastomosis were included in this study. Feasibility, anastomosis patency, and treatment effect of the method were evaluated.
Results: Six sequential anastomoses were performed on 6 lymphedematous limbs. All sequential anastomoses showed good anastomosis patency after completion of anastomoses. A significant decrease in LEL index was seen postoperatively (244.0 ± 14.6; postoperative LEL index vs 263.5 ± 19.4; preoperative LEL index, P = 0.002).
Conclusions: Sequential anastomosis can divert both normograde and retrograde lymph flows from 2 lymphatic vessels into 1 venule. Sequential LVA is a useful method to increase lymph flow bypasses, when there are fewer venules than lymphatic vessels.

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