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Reconstructive choices for the defects of the sacral and ischial regions include various steps of the reconstructive ladder from primary closure to free flaps. This study aimed to present repair of sacral and ischial region defects with lateral sacral artery perforator (LSAP) flaps.
We enrolled a total of 18 patients with sacral and ischial region defects reconstructed with LSAP flaps in the study between September 2014 and October 2015. The patients were evaluated in terms of age, sex, neurological situation, etiology, defect size, defect region, flap size, perforator number, and postoperative complications.
No patient had hematoma, seroma, and complications of the donor area. In the postoperative period, 2 patients were observed to have short-term complications (11.1%) including a partial flap loss (5.5%) due to distal venous failure (flap survival rate, 95%) and a wound site infection (5.5%). Duration of follow-up of the patients ranged between 26 and 38 months. Recurrence was observed from long-term complications of 4 patients’ pressure sores (22%).
The LSAP flap has not been frequently described in the literature. We believe that LSAP flap is a flap of choice that should be considered preferably for sacral and ischial defects, which can be reliably elevated over pedicles and has short surgery duration and low surgical morbidity.

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