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imageBackgroundPeriorbital soft tissue reconstruction is a challenge because of its difficulty in regaining both the form and the function. Local flap is the priority method because it could provide excellent match in skin color and texture.
ObjectiveWe aim to investigate the application of pedicled reversed superficial temporal artery island flap in the reconstruction of periorbital soft tissue defect.
MethodDifferent kinds of reversed superficial temporal artery island flaps were harvested from the auricular area to cover the defect in the periorbital area.
ResultsTen patients who suffered congenital or acquired periorbital diseases were treated with this method. One case suffered minor venous congestion postoperatively. All the other cases achieved good aesthetic result in both the donor and the recipient sites.
ConclusionReversed superficial temporary artery island flap could be safely harvested from the auricular region even in a split pattern. It could be used to cover the periorbital defect with an unconscious scar at the donor site.

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