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imageThe current study introduces a novel approach of anterior mandible and mouth floor reconstruction with the myofascial iliac crest free flap. A series of 4 patients who presented between May 2015 and July 2017 had benefited from this technique. The myofascial component of this flap was designed to be attached to the iliac crest, and the flap was obtained after identifying the neurovascular pedicle. We transferred the iliac crest, with an outward-oriented placement, to the mandibular defect as the base of the alveolar process. We found that the iliac crest can provide sufficient bone height and an aesthetic shape for the reconstruction of the anterior mandible. More important, we also observed that the myofascial component on the flap surface completely replaced the oral mucosa in as early as 1 month after the operation. Moreover, the proper soft tissue volume can be achieved using this approach for better functional reconstruction of the oral mucosa. No obvious scar contracture of the myofascial component was observed during the follow-up period. The myofascial iliac crest free flap could provide a suitable reconstruction method for combined oral mucosa–mandible defects.

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