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imageBackground: Fingertip amputations are among the most common injuries seen in the hand. According to the geometry of the amputation, it may be classified as transverse or oblique (dorsal, volar, or lateral type). Although numerous repair techniques have been described in the literature, there are few alternatives suitable for lateral oblique type fingertip amputations.
Methods: Between 2012 and 2016, we operated on 16 patients with simple rotation flap from the remaining part of the pulpa in a rotation and advancement manner for the reconstruction of lateral oblique type fingertip amputations.
Results: All but two of the flaps healed completely with full flap survival. Superficial distal flap necrosis was observed in two patients. They healed by secondary intention. No obvious hooked nail occurred in patients. Cold intolerance was observed in one patient; joint stiffness or hypersensitivity was not observed in any of the patients. Stiffness of the proximal interphalangeal joint did not occur. Two point discrimination test results were found to be normal.
Conclusion: This technique is simple, rapid, and free from relatively major complications. This flap allows for anatomical reconstruction of the fingertip by using a similar tissue in cases of lateral oblique fingertip amputations, where only a few flap options can be successful.

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