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imageAbstract: The objective of this study was to evaluate a total parotidectomy performed through a face-lift incision integrated with a temporal fascia flap. We have accomplished a group of 40 cases of total parotidectomy from July 2008 to May 2013. Twenty-two cases accepted a modified performance which combined rhytidectomy incision with temporal fascia flap. The other 18 cases were fulfilled by Blair incision and no reconstruction of parotid bed as control. The patients were followed up every 6 months. In the interviews, the assessment of the operation from patients was recorded. The cosmetic gratification, presence or absence of gustatory flushing or sweating, and functional reversion of facial nerve and great auricular nerve were surveyed by 3 investigators. The criteria that integrated the subjective with objective items were stipulated for evaluation. Gustatory sweating had been identified in 0% and 44% of patients of the testing and control group, respectively. The average scale of the experimental and control group postoperatively was 7.89 and 5.93 individually. The difference of the average scale between testing and control group presented statistical significance. The author’s technique is either aesthetically satisfying or efficacious to prevention of gustatory sweating in total parotidectomy.

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