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imageBackground: Surgical procedures with an extended follow-up and therefore recognized as safe in literature are classified into 2 categories: procedures limiting the introduction of food mechanically (restrictive interventions such as adjustable gastric banding, vertical banded gastroplasty, and sleeve gastrectomy) or functionally (mini gastric bypass or gastric bypass) and procedures limiting absorption (mainly biliopancreatic diversion [BPD]).
Materials and Methods: Seventy-nine patients who underwent postbariatric abdominoplasty to correct serious flaws resulting from weight loss surgery were included in this retrospective study. Dehiscence of the surgical wound was carefully investigated between the population previously submitted to BPD and gastric bypass. The data were analyzed by correlating the incidence of postoperative dehiscence by Fisher exact test, with a statistical significance level of P < 0.05.
Results: Among the 42 abdominoplasties after BPD, dehiscence rate was 33% (14 patients), whereas in the group of 37 patients who underwent gastric bypass, the occurrence of dehiscence was 8% (3 patients).
The Fisher exact test highlighted previously performed BPD as statistically significant for the onset of postoperative dehiscence (P = 0.012).
Conclusions: There is a great need to validate these data on large or multicentric studies. The previous bariatric surgery procedure may play a role similar to so many other widely investigated risk factors such as smoking and body mass index, and some categories of patients should require even more attention in the preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative management.

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