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imageBackground: Total skin-sparing mastectomy (TSSM) with preservation of the nipple-areolar complex skin has become more widely accepted. Few studies looking at outcomes after TSSM and immediate reconstruction have focused on patient-reported outcomes and trends in satisfaction over time.
Methods: Prospective evaluation of patients undergoing TSSM and immediate expander-implant reconstruction was performed. Patients completed the BREAST-Q questionnaire preoperatively and again at 1 month, 6 months, and 1 year postoperatively. Mean scores in each BREAST-Q domain were assessed at each time point. Domains were scored on a 0- to 100-point scale.
Results: Survey completion rate was 55%; BREAST-Q scores were calculated from responses from 28 patients. Mean overall satisfaction with breasts declined at 1 month (69.8 to 46.1, P < 0.001), but then returned to baseline by 1 year. Mean scores also declined at 1 month in the psychosocial (75.7–67.4, P = 0.2) and sexual (58.3–46.7, P = 0.06) domains, but returned to baseline by 1 year. Mean nipple satisfaction score was 76.4 at 1 year, with 89% of patients reporting satisfaction with nipple appearance. Satisfaction with nipple position and sensation was lower, with only 56% of patients reporting satisfaction with nipple position and 40% with nipple sensation.
Conclusions: After TSSM and immediate reconstruction, patient satisfaction with their breasts, as well as psychosocial and sexual well-being, returns to baseline by 1 year. Although overall nipple satisfaction is high, patients often report dissatisfaction with nipple position and sensation; appropriate preoperative counseling is important to set realistic expectations.

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