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Destruction of digits from trauma results in a much more significant influence on patients’ mental state and quality of life than do injuries to other parts. The purpose of this study was to describe a novel modification of medial plantar venous flap for soft tissue defects in the hands and digits.
Nine patients received medial plantar venous flap to resurface soft tissue defects in the hands or digits between January 2015 and February 2017. This flap can be used either in a free-island pattern or in a flow-through pattern through the medial branch of the great saphenous vein. All patient data including preoperative statues and follow-up examinations (flap survival rates, complication rates, total active motion, static 2-point discrimination, and Semme-Weinstein test score) were analyzed.
We included 6 men and 3 women, with a mean age of 34.2 years. The medial plantar venous flaps were used for vascularization in 5 patients because of segmental defects of bilateral digit arteries. Eight flaps survived uneventfully in this study. One flap partially failed (20% of the flap area) because of venous congestion. The functional outcomes and sensory restoration were satisfied for all 9 flaps.
Compared with the traditional medial plantar flap, the medial plantar venous flap involves a simpler surgical procedure and allows for revascularization of distal areas using the flow-through technique. Furthermore, the medial plantar area presents a sensitive, glabrous skin with proper bulkiness and allows for movement of the underlying structure.

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