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Large-volume displacement oncoplastic surgery using mastopexy/reduction mammaplasty designs is becoming increasingly popular in breast cancer surgery. A contralateral symmetry operation using similar mastopexy or breast reduction designs is also commonly performed by the plastic surgeon. Our goal was to analyze contralateral symmetry specimens to review the prevalence of high-risk or malignant lesions.
We conducted a retrospective study of the first consecutive 100 large-volume displacement oncoplastic surgeries at our institution between August 2015 and June 2018. Eighty-five patients had an immediate symmetry operation performed on the contralateral breast. Information on malignant lesions and high-risk lesions was obtained from the patient’s pathology report.
Seven different surgical techniques were used for both the cancerous and contralateral breasts. The WISE pattern skin incision pattern was most frequently used, along with the superomedial pedicle design. Fourteen cases (16.5%) had malignant and/or high-risk lesions incidentally detected. Specifically, there was a breast cancer prevalence of 4.8% in the contralateral symmetry breast specimen.
Plastic surgeons should be aware that there is a substantial minority of contralateral specimens that have high-risk or malignant lesions, which underscores the importance of specimen orientation and communication with the associated pathologist.

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