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Reconstruction of the lower eyelid represents a unique challenge to the reconstructive surgeon. Studies evaluating the utility of the nasolabial V-Y advancement flap in lower eyelid reconstruction are limited and techniques to optimize outcomes following eyelid reconstruction with this technique are not well described. We seek to evaluate our experience and outcomes with lower eyelid reconstruction using the nasolabial perforator-based V-Y advancement flap.
After institutional review board approval, medical charts of all patients who underwent lower eyelid reconstruction using the nasolabial perforator-based V-Y advancement flap between February 2013 and October 2017 were reviewed. Data regarding etiology, location of the lesion, lower eyelid defect, methods of reconstruction, postoperative complications, and follow up duration were collected and analyzed.
Over the study period, 5 patients (3 male) underwent lower eyelid reconstruction after oncologic resection of melanoma (n = 1) and nonmelanoma (n = 4) skin cancer using the nasolabial perforator-based V-Y advancement flap at a mean age of 69 years (range, 56–82 years). Median follow-up duration was 5.9 months (interquartile range, 2.25–25.9). A mean of 5.4 (range, 2–10) perforators were included in the initial flap design. After completion of flap dissection and perforator division, a mean of 4.4 (range, 2–7) perforators were preserved and included in the flap. All flaps demonstrated clinical viability with no cases of partial or total flap loss. One patient developed an asymptomatic ectropion during the follow-up period.
The nasolabial, perforator-based V-Y advancement flap is a reliable reconstructive method for lower eyelid defects.

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