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imageOpen abdominal surgery continues to be most commonly complicated by postoperative herniation at the incision line. In 2012, Novitsky et al described a novel hernia repair technique that utilized a transversus abdominis release coupled with a posterior (retrorectus) component separation (TAR-PCS) of the ventral abdominal wall. Early reports attest to the versatility and low recurrence rate of this technique, particularly when repairing large and complex defects. We present a rare case of herniation below the linea arcuate (LAH) following repair via TAR-PCS. Given its novelty compared with more widely utilized techniques, literature review revealed less discussion regarding potential pitfalls associated with this type of reconstruction, in particular the potential for LAH. To date, only 9 cases of symptomatic LAH have been described, although 2 previously described “suprapubic” herniations following TAR-PCS may represent previously mischaracterized cases of this type of complication. Nonetheless, none of these reports were in the setting of ventral hernia repair.

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