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Because there has been a great raise in the interest of this type of surgery in our area, we decided to study if there were any differences among our patients and also to review our results.
The purpose of this study was to review our experience with labiaplasty. We assessed surgical complications and quality outcomes and compared surgical results according to maternal parity.
We conducted a retrospective chart review of all cases of primary or secondary labia minora reduction surgery performed by the same surgeon from January 2014 to December 2015. We recorded patient demographics, sexual activity, parity, and presurgical and postsurgical quality of life, as well as surgical technique and complications.
During the study period, we performed 58 labia minora reduction procedures. The average patient age was 32.16 years. Among the patients, 50% were single, 65.52% sexually active, and 62.07% nulliparous. A wedge excision was performed in 75.8% of cases. A complication occurred in 12.06% of cases, usually owing to underresection. The surgical experience was rated very good or excellent by 96.55% of patients. Women with children reported greater satisfaction with their surgical outcome on our postoperative questionnaire. We identified no statistically significant outcome differences according to surgical technique.
Labiaplasty is safe and shows high rates of overall satisfaction. Women with children reported greater postoperative satisfaction than women who had never given birth.

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