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All the labia minora reduction techniques fail to treat the other component of the abnormally increased labia minora to majora ratio: the labia majora atrophy. The purpose of this study is to describe a technique of female genitalia beautification, which combines labia majora augmentation and conservative labia minora reduction.
The hypertrophied labia minora were first treated by a conservative inferior wedge excision with a superior flap. The conservative excision was done to obtain labia minora that would still protrude beyond the labia majora because it will be masked by the augmentation of the labia majora. Labia majora augmentation was done by autologous fat transplantation. The newly augmented labia majora completely masked the conservatively reduced labia minora.
Twenty-one patients underwent surgery for labia majora augmentation and labia minora reduction. One patient (4.7%) had a small separation of the labial edge postoperatively that resolved with no additional interventions. There was no flap necrosis or infections. No patient reported pain or sexual dysfunction. Seventeen patients (81%) were satisfied or very satisfied with their results.
Labia majora augmentation combined with a conservative labia minora reduction is an appealing procedure because it enhances the global aspect of the female genitalia while reducing the labioplasty complications.

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