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imageResultsA total of 39 patients underwent medical treatment of burns. All patients burned more than 30% total body surface area (TBSA). We divided them into 2 groups. The control group consisted of 31 patient, 23 men and 8 women. They underwent operation not using JACE but only autograft. The average age of the patients was 59.61 (3.85) years. The TBSA burned in this control group was 58.94% (3.89%). Operation times were 2.16 (0.24) hours. The overall survival rate was 35.5%. The study group consisted of 8 patients, 5 men and 3 women. The average age of the patients was 56.38 (7.04) years. The TBSA burned in this study group was 51.63% (4.17%). Operation times were 4.25 (0.59) hours, and the overall survival rate in this study group was 87.5%. The average take rate of JACE was 80.0% (3.09%) 4 weeks postoperatively.
ConclusionsJACE is one of the cultured epithelial autografts. Although we managed the wound bed preparation by using artificial dermis instead of cryopreserved cadaver allograft, we were able to recognize a good result from grafting JACE on meshed 6:1 split-thickness autografts. The study group observed a significant difference in operation times compared with the control group. However, this treatment contributed to reducing the area of the donor site.

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