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A private burn center started in Augusta, GA, in 1978 has expanded into a burn care network of 7 comprehensive burn centers. We have analyzed 2 years of admissions to this network to assess growth and the network’s level of participation in national burn care.
Materials and Methods
Total admissions to the network were quantified for years 2015 and 2016. Growth during that 2-year period was calculated, and the network’s admissions were evaluated as a percentage of national burn admissions.
Total admission for 2015 came from 4713 patients; 5683 patients were admitted in 2016. These totals demonstrated a 15% increase. The 2-year total of 10,217 admissions represented 21% of the 46,892 burn admissions in the United States for that period.
This network has achieved a large capacity for burn admission and currently accounts for 21% of US burn admissions. The network has capacity for continued growth and the development of clinical innovations and research.

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