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imageAbstractThe glabellar rhytid has not only dynamic but also static cause, which is usually achieved by injection of filler. Deep glabellar rhytides, however, are difficult to correct with filler. Therefore, the authors introduce a novel method of inserting a small strip of acellular dermal matrix (ADM) underneath the wrinkle line. From May 2009 to March 2012, 30 patients were treated for deep glabellar wrinkles with ADM augmentation by the senior author. The surgical outcomes were evaluated by the physician using the Lemperle scale and questionnaires filled out by the patients. The deep rhytides were significantly improved after the procedure, as evaluated by objective and subjective measurements, and their improvement lasted for a long period. No complications such as hematomas or infection were seen on postoperative follow-up. Augmentation with ADM provides a simple, easy, and minimally invasive option for the treatment of deep glabellar wrinkles. In cases of deep glabellar lines that cannot be corrected by filler injection, this procedure can be recommended as another option.

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