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imageAbstractCryptotia is one of the most common auricular anomalies among East Asians and it is frequently associated with upper auricular malformation. Various surgical techniques have been described in the literature, such as V-Y plasty, Z-plasty, skin grafts, local skin flaps, and so on. Although relatively favorable results were obtained by these techniques, some problems remain, such as conspicuous scars, undercorrected or noncorrected auricular cartilage deformities, irregular contour, hair growth, and shallow auriculocephalic sulcus. Because both skin deficiency and cartilage deformities must be corrected for cryptotia with upper auricular deformity, the author has developed new surgical techniques, namely double V-Y advancement flap and cartilage strut graft techniques. These methods provide enough skin to the deformed areas and also good auricular contour with expanded upper auricular portion.

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