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Recently, skin-redraping medial epicanthoplasty has emerged as an extremely effective way to minimize the resultant scar. We found that the novel skin-redraping medial epicanthoplasty technique, which has been applied to aesthetic surgery, could also be suitable for the correction of congenital epicanthus and telecanthus.
We retrospectively identified patients who had an epicanthoplasty from December 2007 to August 2017. Among 47 patients, we identified 19 cases with congenital pathologies (nonaesthetic cases). Overall, 7 patients with at least 2 anthropometric measurements were selected.
There was a mean presurgical intercanthal distance of 35.85 mm (range, 24–52 mm) and a mean intercanthal distance of 26.85 mm (range, 17–36 mm) with a mean difference of 9 mm following postsurgical revision. To better categorize this difference, statistical analysis was conducted using a paired t test, which showed a significant result with P = 0.008.
Our results revealed that the skin-redraping medial epicanthoplasty technique could be a better option even in the reconstruction of congenital telecanthus as well as aesthetic plastic surgery. It could correct mild to severe telecanthus and minimize scar formation.

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