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imageTechniques for improving the appearance of the gluteal region are important elements in body contouring. In all cultures and communities, this aspect of the physique holds a special place among the elements comprising the ideals of physical beauty. Recent studies described the aesthetics of the gluteal region in terms of shape, volume, and projection. Accumulation of fat at the supragluteal, lower paralumbar, infragluteal, and/or trochanteric areas often disturbs the natural shape of the buttocks. The problem is accentuated by the lack of lateral projection. This study was designed to find a method for contouring of the gluteal region. This method is based on the enhancement of the shape by liposculpture of the areas around the buttocks, and lipoinjection to achieve the volume and projection. Between July 2008 and December 2009, the study included 40 female patients complaining of disfigurement of the gluteal region. With 1 year follow-up period, 36 patients showed high satisfaction with the results. Pre- and postoperative perimeters of the gluteal regions showed good improvement in proportion and projection. The study concluded that liposuction of the areas around the buttocks could enhance the shape of the gluteal region. Lipoinjection could add a balanced shape, size, and projection. A pleasing gluteal appearance could be achieved by the combination of enhancement and augmentation.

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