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imageBackground: It has been previously reported that the indigent patient population is less likely to seek breast reconstruction. It has also been reported that lower income women who do chose to undergo reconstruction are less satisfied with the results. This study assesses the level of breast reconstruction satisfaction in women treated at Los Angeles County Medical Center (LAC). For those women with lower satisfaction, we seek to identify the root source of this dissatisfaction.
Methods: Patients who underwent breast reconstruction at LAC from 2007 to 2012 were identified by Current Procedural Terminology codes. Eligible participants were administered the BREAST-Q postreconstruction module. Demographic data were obtained from the patient and/or their medical records.
Results: A total of 65 patients completed the surveys. The satisfaction scores for the appearance of the breast were 61 (24) and satisfaction with overall outcome was 80 (26). The occurrence of major complications was associated with lower satisfaction scores with respect to the appearance of the breast (P < 0.0001) and overall outcome (P = 0.02). In addition, patients with delayed reconstruction were also noted to be more satisfied with respect to appearance of the breast (P = 0.03).
Conclusions: Despite suggestions that the indigent and the underserved patient population are less satisfied with the results of their breast reconstruction procedures, patients at LAC demonstrated comparable satisfaction levels to other published reports. The occurrence of major complications and immediate reconstruction were significantly associated with lower levels of satisfaction.

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