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imageAbstract: Botulinum toxin has increasingly become a prevalent treatment option for a wide range of conditions, many of which have their roots in plastic surgery and have been well studied. In adults, chronic headache, hyperhidrosis, and facial muscular hypertrophy have been effectively treated with botulinum toxin, and emerging studies have begun looking at its efficacy in children, as well. Successful treatment of spasticity and muscular contraction has allowed for the creation of safety profiles and dosage guidelines for botulinum toxin usage in children. The expanded indications for its use have since flourished in all arenas of pediatric care, including plastic surgery. Recent studies have described the use of botulinum toxin as an adjunct to the treatment of congenital torticollis and cleft lip. This review discusses the various applications of botulinum toxin for pediatric patients in the field of plastic surgery.

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