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imageBackground: It is important to protect fat viability during grafting. This study aimed to clarify whether physical or chemical factors damage fat viability.
Methods: Fat was harvested under high and low tumescence pressure, using syringes and a liposuction machine; this fat was injected through different gauge needles and cultured with lidocaine or epinephrine. Samples were subjected to glucose transport test and observed histologically.
Result: The viability and microstructure of fat harvested under high and low tumescence pressure, and by syringe and liposuction machine, were similar (P > 0.05). The viability and intactness of fat cells injected through needles decreased with decreasing needle diameter (P < 0.05). Lidocaine (P < 0.05) and epinephrine (P < 0.05) weakened fat viability.
Conclusions: Fat used for grafting can be harvested by tumescent techniques and a liposuction machine. Fat cell viability during injection increases with increasing needle diameter. Fat should be purified to remove drugs.

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