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imageBackground: Pressure sore reconstruction is quite difficult for plastic surgeons because of long-term high recurrence rates. We designed a freestyle perforator-based flap for pressure sore reconstruction considering pressure sore recurrence and further reconstruction.
Methods: We used a handheld Doppler device to locate a perforator position just adjacent to the pressure ulcer. In a series of 34 patients, we used 37 perforator-based flaps to reconstruct 25 sacral, 5 ischial, and 4 trochanteric ulcers.
Results: Twenty-eight of 37 flaps healed uneventfully without complication. One patient had a flap that totally necrosed, 3 had partial flap necrosis, 3 had wound dehiscence, 1 died 3 days postoperatively, and recurrence developed in 1 patient.
Conclusions: We used the freestyle perforator-based fasciocutaneous flap for pressure sore management with good success. These flaps are easy to design and provide good versatility for coverage. Cooperation of surgical skills and good postoperative care also contributed to the lower recurrence rates and satisfactory results.

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