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imageAbstract: Emerging evidence has shown that adipose tissue is the richest and most accessible source of mesenchymal stem cells. Many different therapies for chronic wounds exist with varying success rates. The capacity of adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) to promote angiogenesis, secrete growth factors, regulate the inflammatory process, and differentiate into multiple cell types makes them a potential ideal therapy for chronic wounds. The aim of this article was to review all preclinical trials using ASCs in problem wound models. A systematic search was performed and 12 studies were found where different chronic wound models across different animals were treated with ASCs. Different ASC sources and delivery methods were used in the described studies. Studies demonstrated improved wound healing with utilization of ASC, and this treatment modality has so far shown great potential. However, more preclinical studies and large-scale clinical trials are needed to show if the emerging therapy can satisfy expectations.

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