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The study was performed to find out a promising injectable composite scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering. By using a composite of allogenous cartilage microparticle acellular tissue matrix (CMACTM) and fibrin glue (Fg) as injectable scaffold materials, tissue-engineered cartilage was constructed in vivo, and the effects of which on the repair of porcine articular cartilage defects were observed.
CMACTM was obtained from domestic pigs. The chondrocytes were prepared from experimental mini-type pigs and expanded in vitro. Fg was used as a scaffold material. The composite of CMACTM, second-passage chondrocytes, and Fg was replanted to the articular cartilage defective regions in autologous mini-type pig by injection. At 12 weeks after replantation, samples were collected and analyzed by general observation and histologic staining.
The constructed tissue-engineered cartilage exhibited a good efficiency in the repair of articular cartilage defects. Cells in the constructed tissue-engineered cartilage grew well and were able to secrete cartilaginous matrix. The tissue-engineered cartilage showed a better biologic performance than the control.
A composite of allogenous CMACTM and Fg was a promising injectable scaffold for cartilage tissue engineering, which could be used to repair articular cartilage defects by a minimally invasive procedure.
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