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imageBackground: Cheek dimple is a commonly requested aesthetic procedure, especially in the Arabian Gulf area.
Aim: This work describes the authors’ experience in creation of cheek dimples using simple rapid technique.
Patients and Methods: This study included 116 dimples in 74 patients. The dimple is done through an intraoral stab incision and prolene suture to fix the dermis of the cheek skin to the underlying buccinator muscle.
Results: Eighty-six percent of patients had satisfactory results. The most common complications were fading or complete disappearance of the dimple in 14 dimples and infection in 5 patients.
Conclusions: This technique is very simple, very rapid, easy to execute, and gives satisfactory results in up to 86% of patients. This article also highlights the important information that must be discussed with the patients preoperatively.

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