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A sufficient skin envelope of good quality as well as definite auricular framework is a prerequisite for a successful auricular reconstruction. Various surgical techniques, such as recruitment of mastoid skin, skin graft, tissue expansion, and so on, have been used to get the necessary skin for covering of the auricular framework. However, debates about the drawbacks of these techniques have continued. In this article, I report on a new skin flap method for total auricular reconstruction, which is an extended scalp skin flap in continuity with postauricular skin flap and isolated conchal flap. Between January 2009 and March 2010, a total of 20 patients underwent an auricular reconstruction using a Medpor framework (Porex Surgical, Inc, Newnan, GA) and the new skin flap method. Follow-up time range was 4 to 17 months. The reconstructed ear showed no definite true hair growth except for some fine hair, which can be ignored. More favorable results such as a good color matched skin, well-formed ear convolution, no other donor site scars can now be achieved using this new method.

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