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imageNipple inversion is a particular condition characterized by shorter galactophorous ducts, periductal fibrosis, and lack of soft tissue under the nipple base. It can be congenital or acquired, and it affects about 10% of the female population. Many operative techniques have been described seeking to correct this deformity, but a unique landmark strategy does not exist yet. Although acceptable results have been reported, every surgical technique has its drawbacks. We describe our 5 years’ experience in correcting inverted nipples by using a simple personal approach. Between January 2004 and January 2009, we treated 52 patients presenting with nipple inversion using 2 V-Y dermoglandular flaps performed in the dermoglandular portion of the nipple. This method is effective in the correction of moderate and severe inverted nipple deformities. Follow-up period ranged from 1 to 6 years. Results showed recurrence in 1 case and postoperative complications in 3 patients. The authors have found this to be an ideal procedure for correcting inverted nipple; the use of an easy to perform V-Y flap ensures nipple protrusion and support, lactation, and minimal scars.

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