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I had a amazing learning experience at NLI and a fabulous time. The education was AAA+ and really exceeded all my expectations, its very apparent why NLI is the nations more reputable school for Laser training. I graduated from NLI On march 25th and I am proud to say on my first interview i was hired and will now be working for a beautiful Spa doing laser as of April 20th! Yes, that’s right i got a job in less then 30 days Thank you NLI!

– Cindy Cullen, The Center For Women’s Health (Langhorne, PA)

I am working in a medical spa in Mesa. I receive medical, dental and 401K benefits. We also receive profit sharing quarterly. I make the good money and I am absolutely happy and love my job so much! I can’t believe how well this career turned out for me. I’ve worked hard to get to this salary but fortunately it is something I absolutely love to do so it makes it worth it 100%.

- Lisa Harlien, Red Mountain Med Spa (Mesa, AZ)

National Laser Institute has helped me immensely in my new career. I had no prior experience in the field, and almost immediately I had job offers! I was also very impressed with the ongoing help and information I received after my class ended. Anytime I had questions I would call and receive a prompt response. I am happy with my new job and I learned so much in 2 short weeks.

- Jordan G (Scottsdale, AZ)

I decided to leave the declining Real Estate market for a complete career change towards Laser & Medical Aesthetics. In Jan. 2010, I graduated from National Laser Institute’s Comprehensive Laser Course! I really believe “You get what you pay for!” Other laser schools offered me slightly cheaper classes, but attending National Laser Institute’s program was the best decision I ever made! I received exceptional hands-on training with the most elite laser machines and one-on-one time with their expert instructors. I made so many new friends, and the staff encouraged our success the entire way! They even helped me land my dream job at a very reputable Med Spa in New York City! Thank You National Laser Institute for such a memorable experience!

– Andrea Silvas (New York City, NY)

National Laser Institute has been one of the best experiences of my life! Every instructor is amazing, especially Sam. She really stood out to me. The way she explains everything makes so much sense, and she will inspire you and make you SO excited about school and lasers! She is so knowledgeable and she even took the time to help me with my own skin problems. National Laser Institute is simply the best! If you’re considering enrolling here—JUST DO IT!

– Kari Cox

National Laser Institute was a great in-depth hands-on training laser school. The amount of information given in the short time period was phenomenal. The instructors were amazing and I believe the school would not have been successful without the knowledge of the instructors and their teaching style.

– Bethany E.

My experience here was just incredible. Coming from an aesthetic background, it was really quite amazing just how much I learned from everyone here. The instructors are knowledgeable, supportive, inspiring, and I would definitely consider them friends!

– Tracy K.

I had a great learning experience at National Laser Institute. I took the 15-day course and would highly recommend it. I found all of the instructors very knowledgeable and encouraging. I was happy I was able to receive a lot of hands-on training with laser hair removal and advanced skin rejuvenating procedures while studying at National Laser Institute!

– Nicole J.

What a wonderful experience! I learned and had the pleasure to meet the most amazing crowd at National Laser Institute. I have all the respect for what this school does and all the positive energy and great attitude and knowledge everyone has to offer. I’m looking forward to working and changing people’s lives, which is what I love to do. Thank you, NLI. You’ve been nothing less of amazing!

– Ghada Bawadi

I have taken a lot of classes and consider myself a pessimist, but I have to say that the teachers here are top notch. I had doubts, but I wouldn’t change a thing! The machines were perfect and up-to-date, and I was very impressed with everything!

– Sarah C.

I came to NLI directly out of esthetics school and with no job lined up after. I knew virtually nothing about lasers in the area of skin care but knew that it was what I wanted to do and that I wanted the best education available. After researching several different schools across the USA, I made my decision to go to NLI. All the staff, teachers, laser reps and guest speakers were professional, pleasant and very helpful. The teachers were all far beyond qualified to be teaching and had years of experience in the field of laser esthetics as well. I was very impressed with how available they made themselves for questions and even offered their help for after we left NLI and were out on our own.

There is no doubt that NLI is committed to the success of their students. They have forwarded me multiple emails with job opportunities in the laser industry that were available in my area and have done their best to help me find a job. Since graduating in December, I have been hired as a laser technician in a large medi spa in Anchorage Alaska doing laser hair removal and tattoo removal. Without the great education and support I received I know I would not have found such a great job! I highly recommend NLI to anyone interested in the field of lasers and feel strongly that my money was well spent! I hope to be able to take more classes from NLI in the future.

– Mary Ellen Genstler BBA, CLT, LMT, Esthetician

If you are reading this you must want a change in your life. National Laser Institute is a good career change in an industry that is continually growing. My experience with National Laser Institute was a positive life change for me. The curriculum is interesting and covers a wide spectrum of the history and use of various lasers. The course is taught by a variety of knowledgeable instructors that are available to every student. I made many good friends in the class and with the staff. I highly recommend National Laser Institute to anyone wanting a change in their life and becoming involved in a fun and rewarding industry.

– Cheryl Ramsey

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